ralph2 My Goal:
My goal is to help people find relief from traumatic injuries, auto-immune disorders, spiritual distress, and psychological imbalances. Please give me a try and I will do my utmost to improve your quality of life!

My Energy Work:
My energy work is the combination of several methods such as; Qi-Gong, Reiki, Quantum Touch and Matrix Energy as well as powerful tools of balanced energy. Crystal skulls are the most important. Every crystal skull connects with one of the 12 star systems to create a powerful energy vortex. This vortex will help everyone rise to their highest spiritual light, connect with Mother Earth, other galactic systems, or whatever energy field we create through thought. The crystal skulls provide a limitless connection to those higher energy levels by increasing the field's vibration, and creating an immense channel of strong healing energy. This greatly changes everyone and everything within their presence to their highest good & greatest potential. I can do this over the phone. (I do not have to touch you!)

In this new age, many great changes are creating chaos within and around us. Crystalline Energy Sensations will help everyone and everything to rise to their highest level of vibration, which will bring about a state of balance while reconnecting with all the different levels of our creation. Upgrading our DNA, increasing our dimensional & spiritual vibration, from our physical body, to the Chakras, to the Etheric Web, to the electromagnetic field of the Aura and other light-bodies which surround us. A peaceful calm will surround us, and we will then emerge being transformed; like the caterpillar into the butterfly. Beautiful and new!

I also sell Monatomic Andara Crystal Glass and Crystal Skulls. I am a wholesale representative for the Y.E.S. (Youth Eternal Supreme) product line, which is the latest in nutritional/plasma radionics technology. I add my powerful vortex of healing energy to all products, without extra charge to the customer! I wish to bring the best experience for economical price!

Ralph R. Leitner, SILENT-JOURNEY: Call me at (920) 396-0863, and or email me at silentjourney2bliss@gmail.com where you may contact me for more information on my services.

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